About us


VUGO is the first automobile management application with verified users in the world. Each vehicle will be registered, verified, encrypted and matched with a QR code for better management, tracking then attached to verified owner. Also, this QR code also allows its owner to take advantage of services provided by VUGO like parking, car maintenance, trading, etc. with a clear report for all involved activities…A verified car allows its owner to apply for trading, and many other features in VUGO app and IDshare ecosystem.





  1. Offering a transparent asset management platform and solution for individuals and organizations alike using IoT.
  2. A global application allows people to customize its service to meet their own needs.
  3. A 5-star rated global application.
  4. It offers a financial freedom for individuals and companies.
  5. It provides a chance to raise people’s asset value in IDShare ecosystem.
  6. To conquer the Asia market.

Vision & Mission



  • To be a trustworthy partner for individuals and organizations, especially firms.
  • To be a pioneer in asset management using encrypted personal/organizational information using 4.0 technology.



A future lies in Asia with a boundless strategy.




Providing necessities

  • We always provide services and products that meet our clients’ needs, from which the clients will get the greatest satisfaction using them.
  • Conscientiousness and thoughtfulness are prioritized.


  • Our aim is to constantly improve our service quality and meet our clients’ diverse expectation and gain our stand in a cut-throat market..



  • Our application is safe and secured using encryption in blockchain.
  • This is a free, trustworthy, scam-free, and fraud-free platform.
  • It is for all clients: individuals or organizations
  • An application with 24/7 customer service and technical support
  • Multi-language and multinational.