Smart parking is one of VuGo’s automobile management projects aimed to build the system to smartly operate and care vehicles. 


VUGO's mission is to build a trusted management system and advance the modern and safe life to our individuals and organizations customers by providing magical and outstanding services, enabling them to eliminate the risk of loss and solve unexpected matters related to credit in order to make their life better and happier. We also aim to be a pioneer in asset management using encrypted personal/organizational information using 4.0 technology.  As planned, Vugo has the initial step of operation with Smart parking service. Particularly, Vugo ran the first pilot for smart parking - Grand Opening on 15th April 2021. The parking is located in 82 Duong Khue, Ward My Dinh 2, District Nam Tu Liem, Hanoi, Vietnam.



Besides the first smart parking, Vugo is setting up to open numbers of other parking lots in big cities in Vietnam and many countries around the world. Its purpose is to simplify asset management process and make a convenient environment for automobile’s owners in the 4.0 technological revolution.


Not only stopping in some smart parking, Vugo is reaching thousands of parking places and the services related to automobile management technology all over the world.


Vugo - smart choice for your vehicles!