Car maintenance

Car maintenance service ensures your vehicles always in good situation with number of the helpful services


  • Update vehicle status notification.
  • Provide corresponding services for each model: Audi, Merc,...
  • Give the vehicle 's warranty and care package according to individual requirements.
  • Seek driver for the vehicle: by month, date, each trip, ...
  • Supply the rental service


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Virtual assistant

The service is one of the special services in VUGO app. It works as a smart assistant supports customers all issues related to their own vehicles

Automobile trading platform

The owners buy or sell the identified vehicles on VUGO exchange together without 3rd party.

GPS tracking

GPS tracking service supports the owner knows vehicle navigation and route management.

Smart Parking

VUGO system can automatically identify the exact vehicle registered and did verification before, then be able to control electronic tickets, monthly tickets, fee collection and manage the list of vehicles and its owner as well.